Saint Andrew United Methodist Church

1528 Church Road

Toms River NJ 08755


We meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM in Classroom 9 (next to Memorial Hall).  We encourage you to grab a cup of coffee or tea from Fellowship Hall and join us for an hour of study and discussion. 


One suggestion in the book Right Here, Right Now is to develop the practice of reading from the Gospels each week in order to specifically learn more about Jesus and to stay Jesus-centered (Pages 190-191).  With that challenge in mind, our Christian Coffees curriculum over the next year will offer the study of the Four Gospels.  We will begin with the Gospel of Matthew this fall using the John MacArthur study guide Matthew, The Coming of the King.  In this 12-week Bible Study, John MacArthur takes readers through the book of Matthew, exploring Jesus’ miraculous birth, His response to the test of His kingliness, His inauguration, His miracles, His teachings, and His public ministry.  For those interested in ordering the study guide or for more information, please contact Lucy DeBarge  through the church office. 

The study of Matthew, The Coming of the King begins Sunday morning September 10, 2017.