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Right Here, Right Now Everyday Mission for Everyday People

What does it mean to be a missional Christian? Arguing that the answer is more complex than hosting block parties or more time spent "downtown," Hirsch and Ford present a paradigm based on a new vision of ourselves as Jesus' followers. In this challenging work, they exhort believers to live missionally regardless of situation, vocation, or location.

 Our summer worship theme and sermon series is based on the concepts in this book.  This is an opportunity for you to discuss these ideas with Pastor Erik Hall.

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Right Here, Right Now

 "Although it’s common throughout Christian history to call the church a ‘fortress’ it’s not all that accurate of a description. Fortresses are made for defense. By their nature they are immovable and unchanging. They exist only to protect. The church is called to GO and make disciples. Jesus says in John’s Gospel “as the Father sent me so I am sending you”. The church is SENT.  To go, advance, adapt, and innovate in each culture and for each generation so that the Good News of Jesus can be recognized and embraced by all people for the transformation of the world. Everyday Missionaries summer worship theme (based on the book Right Here, Right Now by Lance Ford and Alan Hirsch) seeks to reawaken the dynamic impulse of Christians to go out into their everyday world as missionaries for Jesus."


Join Pastor Erik Hall for a discussion of the book, Right Here, Right Now.  There are two Discussions:  the first is in July to discuss the first half of the book; the second is in August to discuss the second half of the book.  For each Discussion, there are 3 opportunities for you to join the conversation offered on different dates and times listed below.  You would be attending one of the sessions for each Discussion.

Discussion 2 is offered:

Wednesday August 23 at 10:00 - 11:00 AM in Memorial Hall

Wednesday August 23 at 7:30 - 8:30 PM in Memorial Hall

Sunday August 27 at 11:30 AM in Memorial Hall