Saint Andrew United Methodist Church

1528 Church Road

Toms River NJ 08755


We are continuing at St. Andrew to gather items for UMCOR Relief Supply Kits.  We are concentrating on the kits most needed at this time and which are being distributed in areas affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Hygiene Kits and Cleaning Kits.  Nearby is a listing of all of the items needed in order to assemble these Kits.  Everything on the lists for Hygiene Kits and Cleaning Kits is in great need in order to help people in hurricane affected areas.  The lists of needed items can also be found at the Missions Bulletin Board in Fellowship Hall Lobby at St. Andrew.  We are collecting items for the Relief Supply Kits until Sunday October 8.  Soon after that, the kits will be assembled and taken to the Mission Central/UMCOR HUB in Northfield, NJ.  For information, please contact Lucy DeBarge through the church office.  Thank you for your generosity

If you are unable to be physically present with us at St. Andrew to join in this project, be encouraged to assemble the Relief Supply Kits with your family or another group.  You can access information about the Relief Supply Kits at the UMCOR website where you will find all instructions for gathering, assembling and shipping the kits:

If you prefer to make a financial donation to UMCOR for the Relief Supply Kits, you can donate on-line to UMCOR Material Resource Advance #901440.  You can access information and the donation page at this link:


Many thanks to people from Ocean County and Monmouth County communities for dropping off completed UMCOR Cleaning Kits (also known as Flood Buckets) to St. Andrew on Saturday September 23!  We received a total of 40 Flood Buckets which we are transporting to the Good Shepherd HUB in Northfield, NJ so that they can be quickly distributed, through the UMCOR connection, to people whose lives have been impacted by the recent hurricanes in the United States.  We especially want to thank our own Boy Scouts Troop 36 for dropping off 6 Completed UMCOR Cleaning Kits/Flood Buckets! 

Thank you, everyone, for your generosity!