Saint Andrew United Methodist Church

1528 Church Road

Toms River NJ 08755


Ecopalms for Palm Sunday

This year the Missions Committee at St. Andrew continues our tradition over the past several years of providing Eco-palms for Palm Sunday services.  We purchase Eco-palms through the Eco-palms Project at ECOPALMS.ORG.  UMCOR (United Methodist Committee On Relief) is a partner to ECOPALMS. ORG.   By choosing Eco-palms, St. Andrew UMC joins other Christian churches in promoting social and environmental justice through this purchasing decision.   

Harvesting palms is an important source of income but gatherers receive a low price.  We help promote social justice through our purchase of Eco-palms because Eco-palm gatherers will receive a higher price for their “fair trade” palms, improving their income.  Community groups receive 5 to 6 times the normal payment per frond.  A typical Eco-palm is harvested in the forest by men and processed by women in the community.  This increases emploment opportunities for women in the community and helps them contribute to their family’s financial stability.

Palms protect valuable natural forests and provide income to forest communities.  We promote environmental stewardship through our purchase of Eco-palms because the palms will be “sustainably” harvested and managed, protecting the palms and the forests they need for shade.

By purchasing Eco-palms through ECOPALMS.ORG we are choosing a “fair trade” palm, which improves income and living conditions for the communities gathering the palms.  This also protects the palms and the important forests from which they are gathered through sustainable harvest programs.

You can learn more about Eco-palms and the Eco-palms Project by visiting the website: