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The Politics of Jesus

Posted by on Thursday, January 11, 2018 @ 12:37 PM

This week we begin a new worship theme entitled: The Politics of Jesus.

As much as we have been taught to (or would like to) regard Jesus and the Christian faith as apolitical…   the reality was that Jesus was, in fact, a very political figure, and his life and ministry had serious impact on the human endeavor of politics. John Dominic Crossan (New Testament Historian and former priest) has said something to the effect that: when Christians said, Jesus is Lord…   it meant, in a very real and tangible way, that Caesar (and his political establishment) was NOT.

But, where exactly is the intersection of personal faith and politics or political action? How, as Christians, do we navigate the divisive, partisan political environment of today while holding onto faith and hope and continuing to love one another?

What WOULD Jesus do in our contemporary American political climate? The specifics might be a little difficult to nail down, and it’s always dangerous to align Jesus too cleanly and closely with any of the hot-button political topics of the day. Still, we can clearly see from his life and ministry an unmistakable, undeniable allegiance to God and unwavering commitment to justice and mercy for the poor and oppressed.

These are the threads of Jesus’ politics we will be tracing and discussing in the upcoming five weeks.

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