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Fall Worship Theme: BASIC

Posted by Erik Hall on

In just two short weeks we will launch our Fall worship theme!   BASIC Reclaim the simple, full, and beautiful journey of the church that is described in Scripture   Francis Chan challenges; “if all I had was the Bible…   and I was to read this book and...

Jesus Rescues

Posted by Erik Hall on

Have you ever been rescued from a stormy sea?   Or, maybe rescued from some other perilous circumstances…   a tornado, a blizzard, a fire, an illness?   If you have then you know how terrifying the danger can be…   and feeling like you might not...

Wisdom Begins in the Heart

Posted by Erik Hall on

If you could have one wish and have it granted to you…   what would you wish for? Think about it deeply and seriously for a moment. Wishing and wanting is such a part of our culture and experience that we may never really get past the desire to lavish fortune, fame, pleasure...

Fruits of the Spirit

Posted on

Its amazing how often this world compels us towards our worse selves. We want to secure what we need for ourselves and our families…   so we worry and work and obsess and, even when we have enough, we still worry and work and obsess some more. We want to feel good about...

Never Outnumbered with God

Posted by Erik Hall on

    When the apostle Paul is praying to God so that God might remove some insurmountable hardship that was afflicting him…   God declares to Paul, “my grace is sufficient for you…   my strength is made perfect in weakness”. (2...

God's Glory, Woman's Victory

Posted by Erik Hall on

Everything was supposed to be GREAT once the Israelite entered into the Promised Land after Moses led them through the wilderness for 40 years and Joshua led them to victory and conquest. Unfortunately, it was anything but great. It was a trial, it was a struggle, it was full of...


Posted by Erik Hall on

Do we worship any false gods? It’s a more complicated question than we give it credit for. Most of us would say no. Our common-sense understanding of worshipping ‘false’ gods has usually meant the notion of believing in an alternative religion and professing the existence...


Posted by Erik Hall on

God is always doing something new! The challenge is whether or not we are going to recognize it Too many times our inability to see the BIG-ness of God, God’s love, God’s will, God’s plan keeps us from great opportunities to be a transformative power for good and for God in...