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Posted by Erik Hall on

The other day I saw a really great t-shirt. It was a military olive-green color and it had the word VETERAN prominently displayed across the front. The man wearing the shirt was ‘older’ (in his ‘50’s’ maybe), looked to be in great shape, and he had a big smile as he...

The Bread of Life

Posted by Erik Hall on

One of the greatest Thanksgiving traditions that so many in our culture participate in is this: giving to and serving those in need. Statistics show that, during Thanksgiving, food pantries are filled to overflowing, abundant baskets are prepared and delivered, community dinners are cooked and...

Marks of Discipleship

Posted by Erik Hall on

During the month of November we will be celebrating our faith in Jesus Christ here at St. Andrew. There are lots of ways to describe our commitments and investments in the journey of faith, hope, and love. Collectively, these commitments and investments are called 'Marks of Discipleship'. In...

A Greater Love

Posted by Erik Hall on

This is a test…   Who are you? You might give your name, or you might give your defining role (like mom, or firefighter, or mayor), or you might give your future dream (aspiring artist, future CEO). But, those are incomplete answers…   maybe even knee-jerk...

Praying for Life

Posted by Erik Hall on

9 “Pray then in this way: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.10 Your kingdom come.  Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.11 Give us this day our daily bread. 12 And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors...

Sound Teaching

Posted by Erik Hall on

We are in the middle of an election season. As we look around at the political landscape we see that we live in hyper-partisan, very divisive times. There are many unfortunate and complex reasons for this…   but one set of factors that always feature prominently are where and...

Doing Life Together

Posted by Erik Hall on

Our lives are a ‘work in progress’. The choices we make, the habits we develop, the opportunities we seize, all work together in building this unique life that each of us live. We can’t overestimate the impact of the roads we choose to walk…   they make us...

God's Handiwork

Posted by Erik Hall on

Have you ever been in love with someone who didn’t love you back? It’s a terrible feeling. There is nothing you can DO. You can be at your best, try your hardest, bend over backwards, but there is no amount of effort, success, honor, fame, or fortune that can make someone love...

Follow Means Follow

Posted by Erik Hall on

I did the math real quick yesterday…   there are 168 hours in each week. As I gave the benediction when worship services ended yesterday, I reminded all of us at St. Andrew about this simple fact: as we closed the hour of worship there were still 167 hours remaining until this...

Fall Worship Theme: BASIC

Posted by Erik Hall on

In just two short weeks we will launch our Fall worship theme!   BASIC Reclaim the simple, full, and beautiful journey of the church that is described in Scripture   Francis Chan challenges; “if all I had was the Bible…   and I was to read this book and...